We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the personal data we hold about you. This policy explains what data we collect about you, how we collect it, the measures we take in our efforts to keep your data secure and the uses and disclosures we make of it.  We also explain the options you have in relation to your personal data.

When you request services from us, operate a vehicle with in-vehicle  technology, access our websites or otherwise interact with us, for example, but without limitation, through our official corporate pages on third party social networks (such as Facebook) or the “apps” on those pages, you consent to our collection, retention and use of your personal data in the manner described in this policy and accept the risks outlined in the Security section.


This policy covers the personal data we collect about you in connection with our vehicle rental business which identifies you as an individual.  It does not apply to data that does not personally identify you as an individual, for example, but without limitation, aggregated anonymous data, IP addresses, computer operating systems, personal preferences, vehicle identification numbers, etc.  We are free to use data that does not identify you as an individual as we wish.  This policy does not apply to data collected by third party social networks (such as Facebook), mobile device manufacturers, third party “mobile apps”, wireless service providers, internet service providers or the operators of any networks through which you may interact with us and we expressly disclaim any responsibility for the data collection, privacy or data security practices of those entities.  With regard to pages on third party social networks, this policy only applies to personal data we collect through our pages (those with a direct link to this policy) and does not apply to any “unofficial” pages or pages of our affiliates or licensees.  Our websites are not directed to individuals under the age of 13, and we do not knowingly obtain personal data from such individuals.


We may change this policy from time to time.  If we do so, the amended policy will take effect when we post it on the applicable website(s) or our third party social network page(s).  Whenever we make a change, we will amend the “last updated” notice under the “Scope” heading in the “Overview” section above.

If any change makes the policy less protective of your personal data, such change will not apply to data we collected about you before the change was made.  The only exception to this is, unless legally prohibited, where we have provided you with notice about the changes and given you the opportunity to tell us not to apply them to your personal data.


We collect a range of data about you from a variety of sources for the purposes of our business. The examples we provide here are illustrative rather than a complete list of our practices.

What We Collect

We collect the personal data and the non-personal data we need to process your reservation requests and to provide the services you request from us and for our operational uses in connection with such services, which may include:
•Name, address and contact details, including telephone and mobile number, and email address;
•Date and place of birth, passport number and driver’s license number and, upon our request, a copy of your driver’s license;
•Your gender and photo;
•Employer(s) name, address and phone number;
•Credit card information;
•Frequent flyer and other membership reward or loyalty program information;
•Affiliations with or sponsorships by companies, associations, colleges or cities;
•Location data such as geographic location of electronic devices used to contact us or to access our mobile “apps” or of the vehicle you have rented;
•Information regarding the vehicle rented and its operation during your rental;
•Rental charges you incur and other information relating to your transactions;
•Information transmitted by your computer’s browser software;
•Itinerary information, including airline and/or flight information; and
•Information about your credit history or other publicly available information about you from consumer reporting agencies.

We may collect certain personal data that constitutes sensitive data in some countries, such as data about health conditions or membership of a trade union. Depending upon applicable local law, we may be unable to process such sensitive data without your consent.

Questions? Give us a call at (866)-715-0999 or Email us at Service@nowrentacar.com

More about sensitive data…

Data about your health conditions is regarded as sensitive in many countries. If you ask us to accommodate a disability, such as by provision of hand controls, or if there is an accident and we need to work with insurance and claims management companies (which may be a third party or an affiliate of ours) relating to any injury you may incur, we may need to process data about your health conditions.  Similarly, in the EU, at least, your membership of a trade union or similar organization is regarded as sensitive and we may need to process this information if you use a CDP or corporate account number that only members of that union or organization can use.

Please note that if you wish to rent with us or our licensees and need to provide sensitive data, you consent to that data being collected, used, retained and disclosed for our Operational Uses. We will not use sensitive data about you for marketing purposes.


We collect personal data directly from you in connection with a reservation (even an abandoned or interrupted reservation), a rental of a vehicle, or your membership in any of our membership programs, including information you provide:
•When you call our reservation, customer service, emergency road-side assistance, customer contact or member care centers;
•On our websites;
•On our mobile “apps”;
•On our official third party social network pages;
•Through your computer’s web browser;
•At rental locations;
•Through our in-vehicle technology or through other telematic devices; and
•When you join our membership programs.

We also gather personal data about you from a variety of other sources, which may include:
•Reservations you make with us through licensees, travel agents or brokers;
•Transactions you complete with us and our licensees, including options you take, charges you incur and any incidents or accidents that may occur;
•Corporate account sponsors, CDP sponsors, sponsors of promotion codes and sponsors of special discount codes;
•To the extent you have made such information available, from third party social networks;
•Consumer reporting agencies; and


Our Website

Certain technologies are used on our websites and on mobile devices to collect data about your visit or usage, as follows:


A “cookie” is a set of data sent to your computer or mobile device by a web server that enables the server to recognize your computer or mobile device.

Cookies help improve the quality of your visits to websites, for example, but not limitation, by making the reservation process faster and smoother. The information the cookies provide helps in the development of content and features that may be of interest to you.

We use cookies to:
•Track your use of our websites during a single visit, remember the data you provide and the choices you make as you progress from page to page (“session cookies”); and
•Recognize you at your next visit (“persistent cookies”).

cookies may also be used on our website for the purpose of:
•Such third parties providing goods or services to you (for example, but without limitation, an insurance carrier paying or reimbursing you for a vehicle or equipment in connection with insurance replacement rentals);
•Performing services on our behalf;
•Facilitating business transactions with or through such third parties; or
•Providing advertisements to you.

More about cookies…

By adjusting your browser or installing certain software, you can restrict our use of cookies.  If you do this, you should be aware of the following:

• If you restrict our use of session cookies you will not be able to use our websites or certain features of our e-mail messages. You should be aware that session cookies are generally deleted or made unavailable to us as soon as you close your browser.

• If you restrict our use of persistent cookies you may still enjoy the full workings of our websites and e-mail messages but will need to re-enter some data when starting a new website session. Although persistent cookies will neither automatically be erased nor made unavailable to us upon closing your browser, they will typically “expire” after a number of years.

• If you are still unsure about cookies, please note that  our cookies are unable to retrieve other data from your computer’s hard drive or pass on computer viruses.